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The freedom in experiencing - We are all flowers in the garden of the gods

When the notion 'I exist' falls away, the sense I Am, as existence itself is revealed.

We are all flowers in the garden, existence recognising itself through unique patternings of essence - perceiving and creating simultaneously, in diversity, as the one single seer.

Go beyond the mind, with whole body sensing...and look to it from here, as the loving gaze of I Am.

It will begin to dance, bloom, and expand into presence - when it is allowed the infinite space and timelessness to be.

This will only ever happen here - as the power of now.

"...must you know that yours will be a better picture before you pick up a brush and paint? Can it not simply be another picture? Another expression of beauty? Must a rose be better than an iris in order to justify its' existence? I tell you this, you are all flowers in the garden of the gods. Shoudl we turn the garden under because one flower is no more beautiful than another? You have done exactly that. And then you lament...."where have all the flowers gone?" You are all notes in the celestial symphony. Shall we decline to play the music because one note is no more crucial than another?

But what if one note is a sour note? Does the sour note not spoil the symphony?

That depends on who is doing the listening" NEALE DONALD WALSCH

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