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In re-parenting ourselves to presence we deepen the opportunity in every moment to experience our children as the unique expression of essence that they are at their core. 

Exploration in the seat of unconditional self-compassion is the path

"...must you know that yours will be a better picture before you pick up a brush and paint? Can it not simply be another picture? Another expression of beauty? Must a rose be better than an iris in order to justify its' existence? I tell you this, you are all flowers in the garden of the gods. Shoudl we turn the garden under because one flower is no more beautiful than another? You have done exactly that. And then you lament...."where have all the flowers gone?" You are all notes in the celestial symphony. Shall we decline to play the music because one note is no more crucial than another?

But what if one note is a sour note? Does the sour note not spoil the symphony?

That depends on who is doing the listening"
Neale Donald Walsch

Mother and father are partners, Child has no opposite. In Child, mother and father are one.

There's nothing quite like the direct experiencing of the family in dancing with the dynamism of this ever flowing fabric of quality, to begin exploring, or indeed deepen, our recognition and lived experience of True Nature. To unravel together constantly through present experiencing, to release conditioning, and watch reality reveal itself to us through our most majestic and youngest little teachers. 


The parenting experience is cited by most as that which provides a depth of relational experiencing that teaches us so much about unconditional love (ourselves), our expectations, our shadows, and our perceived limitations. Synonymous to looking in the most revealing mirror, we can learn, explore, and deepen into some of the most profound experiences of connection and relating in the physical through exploring our experiences of being a parent, a child, and a family all at once.

"It's no surprise that we fail to tune into our children's essence. How can we listen to them, when so many of us barely listen to ourselves? How can we feel their spirit and hear the beat of their heart if we can't do this in our own life?"

Across almost 15 years of working with parents and families the most common exclamation from parents in the face of perceived adversity and challenge in mothering, fathering, or grandparenting has been "but they don't come with a manual" - Indeed, they don't, and yet our own experiences of being parented and being in the field of relative experiencing forms an inadvertent, inherited road map that can appear as a complex entangling of who's who and what's what in the grand cosmic occurence, as another beautiful and unique unfolding of the entire universe is expressed through our physicality.


There are two key facets that I believe support our experience of being a conscious parent and family: 1) to perceive our children, partners, siblings and parents as directly (truthfully) as possible, and 2) to respond as spontaneously and intuitively as possible through the flow of experiencing. This requires of us to be in the field of unconditional self compassion first and foremost, and to develop awareness through the felt sense both of our inherited modes of being and that which sits in the openness of the unconditioned in the here and now. From this we can become more deeply in touch with our own truth, sense of spirit and our own intiution, whilst entering the 'we field' that rests between and within the same of our children. Connecting to True Nature, and how this expresses through us as an individual experience, is the best ticket to embracing all that arises with the Belonging, Safety, Freedom, Connection, and Play that our children so vitally need to flourish. 

White Background
I am not a parent myself but have worked in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (NHS) as a Child and Adolescent Therapist for almost ten years, providing assessment, diagnosis, and psychological intervention to children, young people, and their families.

My clinical training was very heavily focused on parent and family dynamics and early intervention for children and young people. My independent research focus was around early indicators of childhood social cognition and precursors to Theory of Mind development, and developing/trialing a model of supervision for practitioner excellence in working collaboratively with parents in the mental health field.

My clinical role with the NHS involved working deeply with parents, exploring attachment/relational patterns within parent and family systems of experiencing, which I have continued in my private practice.
I have learned a great deal about the challenges of, and accompanied passion and determination of, parents of children who are struggling with their mental health.

I also worked as a team leader for a play service for children with Autism and worked closely with parents in learning about the unique essence and way of being of their children. This blew my mind, and lead me to embark on my psychology career. 

This experience has been hugely valuable as a practitioner although I do now work with parents in a different way, through a soul led conscious parenting approach.  I have a good experiencing and understanding of the mental health care system and can support parents and families to navigate their way around complexity within their own families and the wider relational field of health care and education for the child and family context.  I also consider children (along with the non-human natural living world) to be our greatest spiritual teachers.


"I have found my sessions with Amy over the last couple of years so helpful in helping me to navigate the challenges of parenting a young person with extreme mental illness.  Amy was not only able to help me to cope with the emotional impact but also her personal experience of CAMHS has helped me to better advocate for my daughter and to better support her and her siblings. Her in depth knowledge of autism has also proved invaluable"

"My daughter has sadly been suffering severe mental health challenges since 2017 . As a Mum I tried my upmost to try and “ fix” her issues , sadly to no avail . Then in desperation I reached out for support for myself in early 2021 and thankfully found Amy . I have found our weekly sessions both supportive and enlightening . I have been encouraged to embrace the concept of “ just being “ in the moment rather than trying to “fix “ all the time . As a result I feel lighter in myself and better able to support my daughter . I can’t recommend Amy highly enough . She is compassionate as well as being highly skilled and most importantly has the confidence to flex each session depending on my needs - I never feel that I am being taken through a process , rather I always feel genuinely listened to"

"My teenage daughter has worked with Amy over the past 12 months. She was adopted when she was 2, and as she became older has needed support to help her process her background, and deal with quite high levels of anxiety. Amy has been fantastic. We were quite concerned about the potential ‘fall out’ of our daughter starting to explore her emotions but these concerns were unfounded. Our daughter has found her weekly sessions with Amy really useful. She is now armed with techniques that help her manage her anxiety and she also has a far better understanding of why she may find different situations hard. Amy continues to support her on a weekly basis and is helping our daughter to build on the foundations of the past 12 months.

Amy also worked with me and my husband to help us understand our daughter better and to give us guidance on how to help her deal with some of her challenges. This advice has proved invaluable and has helped us build a better relationship. Our home is calmer and our communication has improved. Thank you Amy :)"


Family Walk

1-1 Nondual Therapy


 Explore yourself and your experience of parenting and nondual understanding in context and perspective of 'family'.

1-1 Self- Inquiry through the experiencial field of parenting £70p/h


Supporting you to integrate Nondual seeing and/or spiritual awakening as a grounded, embodied, parenting human being - or to begin to explore your True Nature and inquire into The Self and family patternings


 Nondual Exploration Intensive

Mini online retreat with Amy - spend three days exploring True Nature and the relational field with your child whilst resting the nervous system in the field of pure awareness. (This is for parent only - child not physically present unless in utero or in infancy although co-regulating sessions with older children can be arranged)

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