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 I work with people from all walks of life who are struggling in relation to well-being and patterns of relating, existential crisis, grief, loss, and spiritual emergency, or simply seeking a deeper sense of wholeness and comfort in being themselves and living the fullness of life. The heart of my approach is grounded in exploration of our experience and the nature of consciousness/reality.
I am dedicated to guiding individuals  toward greater self understanding and awareness, inner harmony, and healing through the integration of nondual wisdom, psychotherapy and deep alignment with presence and grounding in the simple knowledge and knowing 'I Am'. With 15 years of experience in the field, I bring a deep commitment to your well-being and a passion for helping you explore your true nature, unlocking your effortless genius, peace, joy, and inspiration as the life that you are.

"to love someone is to learn the song in their heart and sing it back to them when they have forgotten it"   

(Author Unknown)

Amy now works privately following ten years practicing as a Psychologist with NHS CAMHS in Scotland. She recognises healing and creating as synonymous and enjoys exploring the status quo in mental health care in relation to notions of 'normal functioning', 'disorganised', 'dysfunctional', and 'complex trauma', within societal and spiritual frameworks, and common dialogue. Amy works therapeutically within the ground of Nondual Therapy and integrates a range of evidence based therapeutic modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Internal Family Systems Theory, and more general Depth Psychology (soul integration/individuation). She is also well versed in Deep Ecology and Permaculture Design and is passionate about healing & remapping mental models as pointers to recognising True Nature through direct experiencing and perception of the wider living natural world.  

My approach to therapy is rooted in recognition and understanding of True Nature (Nonduality). We notice, at a visceral level, the wisdom inherent in the expression of our stories in a very real and direct way, and gently open ourselves to the felt sense of experiencing, beyond concepts. As we simply explore your experience of life together in this moment we also point to the spacious, boundless, still, silent, and inherently connected nature of presence/our being/this, and the fundamental absence of separation. This awareness is a powerful catalyst for healing, opening ourselves to experience the fullness of life and realising of the self, whilst simultaneously resourcing the qualities of True Nature as we follow your natural unfolding and alchemical movement of self-remembrance.

Re-parenting to presence/being

Nothing to be fixed, everything to be revealed. In love, all ways.

In our sessions, we might explore:


Self-Realization (exploring the nature of awareness) - through exploring the nature of consciousness and reality, through direct pointing and exploration in the moment, we naturally provide the experience of the suffering bodymind with a deep noticing of the sacred safety and vast space of being. This exploration also supports us to gently recognise the core root of ALL patterns of thought and emotions that contribute to our core experience of suffering and distress.  This is by far the best way to receive the provision of safety and grounding that is unconditionally here for you, as yourself.  This supports you to experience a deeper sense of self and a more profound connection to the world around you, as well as pointing you to realise the deepest possible sense of grounding needed for lasting traumatic release and opening to the fabric of reality - this here and now.  

"It does not matter much what happens, for ultimately the return to balance and harmony is inevitable. The heart of things is at peace"



Emotional Healing through Compassionate Inquiry of the built architecture in mind -  this is a safe and compassionate space of relating for you to explore, experience, and see freely patterns of thought (memories) and associated emotional pain and suffering, helping you find lasting relief and inner peace.  This often involves exploring your experience of childhood, family, relationships, our culture, and the beliefs and assumptions (and associated sensations) that we consequentially experience about life, ourselves.  From here, we can bring our past experience into the spaciousness and timelessness of this moment, supporting expression, release, and a deeper sense of freedom.

"to understand the whole nature of the trap is to be free of it; no person, no system, no belief, can set you free"

"it is no measure of good health to be well-adjusted to a profoundly sick society"



Radical Mindfulness - Mindfulness is integral to my approach, allowing you to cultivate presence and self-compassion in your everyday life, gently and naturally unbinding consciousness from the bodymind's patterns of thought and sensation, opening to the blossoming of grace that is this moment. As well as exploring the direct experience of the thoughts, feelings, sensations, and perceptions in your experience, you will be gently and precisely guided to explore the nature of seeing, sensing, and experiencing itself, before qualification. This is where we deepen into the seeing of that beyond energy and form, the source of your being and all creation, infinite potential, and the deepest sense of peace and happiness that is possible. Although there are specific practices that can be shared to support you, I support us to recognise and foster the natural meditation that is life and its expression, pointing to this in the therapeutic space.  The more we 'do' this - the more the ground of being is naturally noticed as the peace that permeates your experience of living.

"As the sun on rising makes the world active, so does Self-awareness affect changes in the mind. In the light of calm and steady Self-awareness, inner energies wake up and work miracles without effort on your part"



Recognition and the power of simply seeing: We will experience together to bring to light patterns of thought, feelings, and sensations that are working to, as a means of creating a sense of safety, limit your experience of the openness and fullness of life - we will explore their wisdom and in so doing naturally integrate them with your deeper intelligence and genius - leading to you being able to experience a more authentic, open and fulfilling life.

Exploring and aligning with the intelligence of the body (and the heart): when we bring awareness to our experience of the body, and listen to this with compassion - it 'wakes up'. We learn to be able to trust ourselves and our deeper knowing, and to navigate life in a way that is spontaneous, free flowing, and free from fear. We teach the 'intellectual sense of self' to trust our inherent wisdom, by following the body through sensations as it teaches us about our false assumptions about ourselves and the world and the freedom beyond these.  We encourage the mind to come into the immense space of the heart, that which serves as the portal to our deeper nature beyond our physical experience - boundless awareness.  This focus particularly, along with direct perception of the natural world through the space of the heart, is a powerful way to engage with yourself to support you as we follow your experience of spiritual awakening and spiritual emergency (including sudden energetic awakening).

"in every man's heart, there is a secret nerve that answers to the vibrations of beauty" -



Therapeutic Conditions

Questioner: How should we treat others?

Ramana Maharshi: there are no others.


Unconditional Belonging: In the space of nondual awareness, we can be guaranteed that there is no  judgement or criticism, or indeed a sense of trying to fix or change your experience towards any kind of 'ideal'.  Instead, there is an unwavering sense of belonging recognised of all that you are, without exception. Your experiences, emotions, and thoughts are met with profound compassion, allowing you to explore them without fear or shame.  These conditions support us to explore our deepest fears and experiences, integrating at a cellular level, the emotions and sensations that have become 'blocked' through your experiences of conditioning (life happening) whilst pointing you to the immense welcoming, freedom, and release that is the nature of presence/awareness.

"come, come, whoever you are. Wanderer, worshiper, lover of leaving.  It doesn't matter. Ours in not a caravan of despair.

Come, even if you have broken your vows a thousand times. Come, yet again. Come."


Deep Listening:  you are heard in the truest sense. Listening happens not just with the ears, but with the heart, attuning to the subtle nuances and the wholeness of our shared being. Your words are received without interruption, creating a space for your inner wisdom to emerge.

"Out of that listening, in which there is no action at all, no intention, no interpretation, just the very act of listening brings about a tremendous revolution at the very root of the mind"



Embrace of Paradox: we embrace the paradoxical nature of existence. Rather than trying to find conclusive answers, we acknowledge that within the dualities of life, such as happiness and sorrow, light and shadow, there exists a deeper, unifying essence. In this space, you can explore the complexities of your life without needing to choose sides or deny any aspect of your experience.


Presence and Mindfulness: we are grounded in the present moment not as a practice, but as a recognition that this is our inherent nature. Here, this invites you to cultivate yourself as awareness/presence in your daily life. This serves as a gateway to deeper seeing, understanding,  peace,and a silent joy, through direct engagement with the fabric of reality beyond our built world of time and space in mind.

"there is nothing more confining than the prison we don't know we are in"



The therapeutic space is a sanctuary, where you can return to, to recognise that you are not alone in your experience of living; you are held by the vastness of existence itself. This embrace invites you to explore the depths of your being, uncovering the truth that lies beyond the veils of illusion. It is a sacred pilgrimage to the heart of your own existence, a journey toward the recognition that you are not separate from the love, wisdom, and compassion that creates the cosmos. 



"every energy that shows up in your experience is a lightning bolt from God. It is pure divine shakti, and it is truth, and when you see it and own it as a vector of divine force, its a weapon in your arsenal. You're using it, but you're not doing something with it, you're using it by seeing it...seeing is doing. When you see what things are you've done it. So it's kind of like surfing. When you see these energies and you see the truth of it, you ride that truth and that is integrated to all the other energies, until you see the full field of the energies and you're surfing the whole thing, and then you dissolve as a separate surfer and its just this field of energy surfing itself" 


MSc Applied Psychology (Health Care) for Children and Young People

BSc Psychology (1st Class Hons)
Permaculture Design Certificate
Trauma-Focussed CBT
Advanced Autism Practice

Certificate in Non-Dual Therapy & Nondual Therapy and the Trauma that Blinds us

​Certified Breathwork Practitioner and Spiritual Coach


Membership and Affiliations

British Psychological Society (MBPS)
Mental Health Media Charter
Permaculture Design Register
Active Hope and Work that Reconnects
‘Think Like A Tree’ Programme Facilitator

​Sundoor School of Transpersonal Therapy

Member of Non-dual therapists' mentor group


Roles & Experience
Founder and Director of The Permacare
Project Ltd (The Green Light to Live)
Clinical practice as Psychologist with NHS (8 years)
Health and Social Care Practitioner (8

Personal journey in non-dual spiritual awakening and ego integration 
University Clinical Lecturer and Tutor
(Edinburgh University)
Evidence Based Programme design, implementation, and evaluation
Psychological assessment, formulation,and treatment for children and families.
Land based living and lived experience in nature reconnection/environmental sustainability

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