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The Qualities of True Nature: Finding freedom within suffering

Updated: Mar 21

All qualities are HERE and NOW, infinite, flowing, in and of every ‘thing’.

They are expressions of unconditioned consciousness, that can appear as distortions when experienced through the finite/body mind.

They are the energetic 'material' arising from source/the quantum/awareness as consciousness, through which consciousness expresses.

As consciousness experiences and appears to itself through the finite/bodymind, the 'play' of life is created through the qualities. The way that the qualities appear in any given moment is shaped by how the mind is perceiving and sensing them. (see blog article: The Food of Life: Energy in Consciousness)

The qualities are unconditional. Unconditional means that they aren’t dependent on conditions – they are always here in this moment, regardless of what is being experienced, experience is made of them, expressing through the field of infinite possibility (awareness/source/the absolute etc.)

We can see/feel/sense the qualities in our immediate, direct experience. The experience of the whole body 'bodymind' is shaped by how we are experiencing the qualities.

All quality contractions (perceptual distortions) are thought loops relating to: 

- past and future 

- fear and desire 

-this or that 

- beliefs and conceptualisations about the nature of reality (and the qualities) 

- grounded in the belief/illusion/experience of separation.

These contractions were created in early life (from birth and through generations) during the experiencing of ‘life’ through the bodymind. They arise from the belief in separation and continuously create our sense of separation/personhood/reality (patterns and reflections of thought and feeling through beliefs and assumptions about 'the world' that are created, largely through experiences of shock) – patterns repeat as a movement towards integrating back into their source quality - simultaneously confirming and revealing through the experience of 'time' and 'space'.

For example, the quality of 'Connection' is always here. It is the nature of this moment. All is one, as reality is always in the deepest connection with itself. However through experiences of shock through the bodymind, the frequency of connection contracts and a pattern of seeking is experienced through a fear of loneliness and a desire for intimacy. This is a pattern, through the assumption of separation, that is experienced repeatedly through 'living in here with a world out there' and builds a density and energetic charge over time that can make our experience seem 'fixed' around this assumption.

The contractions/distortions are thoughts/beliefs apparently* held by the mind, trying to find their way home to their source.  We can TRUST that they are trying their best but don’t fully understand, so we need to look to their needs and show them the way.

If we keep attention on the thoughts and believe them we experience ‘stuckness’, problems, suffering, and overall a sense of not being who we truly are. We feel this in the body (the bodymind time machine) and reflections of our experiencing of ‘the world’ through the shaping of our perception.

We need to use the felt sense to FEEL/SENSE qualities in their purity/expansiveness. Every thought loop is MADE OF and COMES FROM the quality that it is seeking. The ‘medicine’ lies in the heart of the experience and is recognised through expression and direct experiencing (through which time and space is collapsed).

Consider the contraction as ‘ice’ that we melt with/as awareness back into the specific quality from which it came (water) – we bring it from the past, back into flow with the present moment, releasing it from it’s seeking so that we can express and be AS life from a place of freedom, safety, and clarity.

Finding freedom within suffering

Thought is not your enemy. Thought is an expression of you. All is you. Thought IS beingness and within every thought there is a 'route' to this recognition. It’s all about how we place our focus. Rather than attempting to turn away from it completely (suffering), we can look at it in a new way, through direct experiencing, exploring, and expression.

I discovered this during my first Nondual Therapy session and it was an experience that I will be eternally grateful for. I was suffering massively in my attempts to find my way back to myself after a spontaneous energetic awakening (often referred to as Kundalini) followed by a movement into no mind and deep presence and knowing of the self as awareness. I could not stop getting lost in thought, yearning for God and feeling complete despair in the experience of such profound 'lost love'.  I felt extreme rejection and this was deeply painful.  Rejection, to the nervous system, is felt to be the same as receiving a knife in the belly, the pain is the same – and I was bleeding out. I hated thought, hated it, and was trying to run and run and run from mySelf, as thought, as if my life depended on it. And I knew, I knew, I knew the Truth! Why am I still suffering?? – this was my loop.

In that session Nic, whilst honoring my pain, said to me something along the lines of “yes, but we can trust thought too, there’s wisdom in it, we can follow it”


Mind blew, and I started to sense True Nature slowly starting to pour through my experience.

I listened intently as Nic described the premise of Nondual Therapy, and how within every thought pattern we can find a loop that is pointing us back to our True Nature. He described the nondual qualities and, although I wasn’t fully online to the concept, I could FEEL all of this, knowing it to be true, and suddenly seeing how my connection with the natural world had been guiding me, through the qualities, since 'that time' of panic, psychosis, and suicidal ideation back in 2016.
In that session, simply through expressing and inquiring with Nic in this way I felt mySelf again as Belonging, Truth, Trust, Relief, and Gratitude.

Immense Gratitude.

Thank. God.

We can attempt to ‘reject’ thought completely (suffering).  We can attempt to study our ‘beliefs’, see the falsities in them, and come up with new ones in an attempt to get what we want (suffering).  There's nothing 'wrong' with this, but there is an alternative. 

We can explore thought, wholeheartedly, explore its' nature, exactly as it is here and now, in love, sensationally, and follow the way home – to where we never left.

Pointer: A nice way to explore the experience of connection and integrate the quality is to explore your direct experience of the skin surface during times when you are feeling lonely/disconnected and/or are feeling a yearning for intimacy with 'another'. Another way is to explore your experience of looking/gazing at a part of the body that you feel guided to (hands, feet etc). Follow your resonance. Scan your gaze over your body and see where it wants to land. Trust your resonance/intuition and feel and sense the nature of your gaze. As a practice, this can really open up the quality of connection as presence and the flow of experiencing.

Nature as Teacher and Architect: simply being in the resonance of the natural world can support the sense of connection, and research also indicates that doing so releases hormones such as oxytocin to soothe the nervous system. In addition, you can explore the patternings that appear on your physical body, and those that appear in all the other forms in the natural world. You can also begin to notice the interconnectedness of everything in the natural world, and how you are very much an expression of this too. Remember to feel and sense your experience in the moment. This is the deepest medicine. Worms are my favourite for this - and fish - they are always in deep connection with the soil, and water. If you sense into this through the space of your heart - a new kind of magic starts happening. However subtle it seems, its happening, I promise.


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