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Follow your Resonance

Updated: Apr 15

“There is in the body, a current of energy, affection and intelligence, which guides, maintains and energizes the body. Discover that current and stay with it.”


Exploring ourselves as True Nature, from the perspective of the relative, is a constant deepening and unfolding, integrating and simultaneous disintegrating the body-mind into the heart of awareness.

This is always happening now, constantly renewed and ever changing.

Once there has been a glimpse, or number of glimpses, of truth through experiencing this moment directly, an incredibly intelligent and finely tuned alchemical processing through the body-mind takes place as life deepens into its own revealing to itself.

Although in this sense there is ‘nothing to do’, this movement of surrender to our self as the grand cosmic dance takes on many shades and flavours and it is within this dance that self-inquiry supports us in our exploration. We traverse a paradox of difficult and easy simultaneously.  Easy in the sense that, there is not a separate doer who is necessarily needing to do anything to make this unfolding happen – we are taken - and difficult in the sense that, there is a requirement both for earnestness, courage, and an opening to the most curiosity and compassion that we can access in any given moment.

This is particularly important during the experiences of inner turmoil that inevitably present to us, as fear, angst, and confusion arise in myriad forms through the energetic release of contracted, time bound states of being.   

Learning to follow our own resonance through this process is vital. Where we may have begun, in some cases, reading teachings, following paths etc., it is my experience that the most profound approach is to become more and more attuned to ourselves and our own unfolding. Learning to energetically dialogue with ourselves leads us, through our own inner guru, via the easiest and most revealing path. Its learning to trust our own resonance, explore, ask, and answer, our own questions and curiosities, and ultimately, to fall deeply in love with ourselves through the recognition of the inherent perfection within the apparently imperfect expressions of life.

Never and always alone

Doing so doesn’t mean necessarily that we need to be alone through dark times. Sharing our curiosities, questions, feelings, and experiences with friends, the natural world, guides, and mentors can be incredibly illuminating, especially when with others that have walked, and are walking the path with whom we resonate. We need to feel the sense of connection during times of disconnect.

As we become more attuned to our own resonance and inner guru, we also become more aware of how all expressions of this moment appearing to us are portals into ourselves and EXACTLY what is needed for us at any given time. I could write a book on how much being with my little nephew has been teaching me over the past year. And of course, nature has been an incredible guru to me, free of charge and offering forth an easy connection into the direct experience of myself during times where human connection was just too difficult.

There is also the truth here that we do need to embrace our aloneness. Our unfolding is so unique and finely tuned to us, and because we need to get so close to ourselves, I believe that to embody this unconditional love that we are requires of us to be able to be radically, and beautifully, alone with our own being if we are going to feel and listen deeply to the expression of the cosmos reverberate through us with its finely tuned medicine. We naturally, over apparent time, develop the capacity to be able to do so. The key is to learn to feel and sense into ourselves as directly as possible – and along the way, as we do so, the natural alchemy will offer forth, in deep love for you, exactly what you need to continue into your own revealing – an embodied truth of the radical aloneness that is the nature of being, this ONE.

This is the true journey into recognising and living the wholeness that we all already are.  

In love,

all ways,

together xx
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