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"Coming into the Heart of Nuance: This is Infinity"

Updated: Apr 27

Systems of thought and frameworks, whether relational, spiritual, or in the pursuit of truth, freedom, and healing, can be fraught with intrinsic limitations. The inherent complexities of these systems often bind us to cycles of internal conflict, confusion, and misunderstanding.

Something is off, but we're not quite sure what it is. The more we engage, the deeper we become entangled in the illusion of separation, losing sight of the radiance and immediacy of our being.

This essence, rich with everything we so enthusiastically and often expensively seek, remains elusive and seemingly hidden in plain sight.

It is helpful to explore the paradoxical nature of actuality versus perception. This points us to, or illustrates, the gap between what we perceive and the transcendental reality, and the perceptual buffer that actively dances in between the witness and the witnessed - through the experience of the bodymind. Any conceptualisation at all, including the nuance often presented in systems of idealisations around patterns of thought, feeling, and behaviour, (the way we should be - if we are 'healed', for instance) grossly distorts our true experience of that which we call myself and the world. Beyond the rendered world in the context of time, depth, and space - we are clouded in confusion. We miss this impeccability, this masterpiece of the moment.

Such misunderstandings shape a life experience that seems real but is, in essence, a result of the mind's (both individual and collective) powerful ability to fantasize and interpret raw sensory data into a coherent but misleading narrative.

Peter Brown uses the example of consuming media, like reading a novel or watching a movie, to illustrate how our consciousness can be so easily drawn into manufactured realities:

"For example, reading a book... What you're actually doing is looking at black shapes on a white page. And yet what's your experience of reading a really engrossing work of fiction that really moves you powerfully?...

But all of this overlay comes with, and the consciousness is so ready to be seduced, that it just gets sucked into smearing all that together..."

In essence, this is an invitation for us to acknowledge the vast, often inconceivable difference between the intricate illusions woven by our interpretive faculties and the stark, uncomplicated reality of the present moment, attuning to what is already, totally self-evident without the filters of personal and cultural interpretations - including being aware of alternative agendas and emerging cultures developed in the name of 'fixing' flawed collective frameworks and conditioning.

The movement of the mind in relation to nuance and complex systems for liberation and/or self-improvement, does not bring us closer to truth but rather spins us into a 'bottomless pit' of confusion, reinforcing the illusion of separation rather than the unity and immediacy of presence - the spiritual heart and core of spaciousness wherein reality is constantly revealing itself, to itself. Our challenge, then, is not to unravel these complexities but to see through them—to recognize and rest in the inherent simplicity and radiance of presence that is the true source of life and infinity.

There's no need to try to crack the matrix, or change, refute, or indeed, go along with 'the system'. But rather see it, deeply, for what it is.
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