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Presence as the Radiant Parent: Nature and Need

Updated: Apr 7

The qualities of true nature are illuminated through direct engagement with the immediacy of our present experience, emphasizing a radical shift from conceptual understanding of the qualities, the self, and the nature of experiencing, (which, in mind, express through distortions and associated perceptions around the assumption of separation) to direct seeing and knowing as the flow of experiencing. As we explore our experience of this moment, through the felt sense and 'feeling deeply' into that which is here in our experience, we support the bodymind to come to experience the qualities as 'myself' and to recognise its source.

It is essential here to note that, this is not a movement in attempt to be rid of patterns of experiencing through the body-mind, but rather to explore the nature of experiencing in radical belonging, including the experience of change, whilst pointing to that which is not changing.

This is an embrace of all that is here, and is not about maintaining or working towards maintaining particularly energy states, but rather exploring the fullness of the moment and how distortions (patterns) are present WITHIN the field of unconditioned consciousness, and that from which all appearances arise. This is not about 'arriving' or 'transforming', but exploring deeply and expansively, the nature of experience itself (see blog article: The Qualities of True Nature: Finding Freedom within Suffering AND The Food of Life: Energy in Consciousness; AND Realisation, Transformation, Actualisation: How the self-confirming principle is enlivened in current abundance rhetoric).

It is helpful, particularly when exploring within teaching and therapeutic spaces, to approach this exploration in relation to re-parenting to presence. This supports the recognition that all patterns of thought are an attempt to create a sense of ground in the formless, groundless nature of the clear awareness (source) that permeates all experience and highlights needs around the human experience in relation to secure attachment and outcomes in relation to well-being. The re-parenting to presence frame also supports the flow of compassion. belonging, and inclusion that is so vitally important in nonduality informed therapeutic practice. (see blog post: Exploring Sacred Safety: How re-parenting to presence connects with the infinite self)

For this discussion, it is helpful to explore the nature of presence by pointing to 'Nature and Need' - illuminating how supporting the bodymind, through attention and focus on what is present and experienced directly, is the greatest provision and potency of healing. What is also essential to note here is that the 're-parenting to presence' pointer is indeed a pointer. There is not, in actuality, 'a mind' and 'presence/beingness'. There are not two. This is one. The experiencing of the bodymind arising out of and simultaneously returning to, constantly, the source of all experiencing. It is also important to note here that a deep and lived experience of nonduality includes all duality. Regardless of how 'realised' a finite mind may be, the show goes on - as the constant flow of love and change however this may appear.

The Nature of the Radiant Parent

Below is an exploration of the characteristics of the unconditioned, constantly renewed, nature of presence and the flow of experiencing. This is provided as a frame to explore experience directly. Two points are important to note here. Firstly - this is not about trying to arrive towards any kind of 'ideal' as an individual but rather is pointing to that which is already so, from which all 'ideals' within our 'personal patternings' are arising. From this standpoint, the bodymind is the child, resting within radical belonging, the radiant parent. Secondly, these are pointers to explore the nature of experience directly for yourself. Consider them as anchor points to support the child to explore, through play, their own nature through experiencing directly. (see blog article: Child mind: anchor points and the zone of proximal development)

True nature, the radiant parent, is characterized by several intrinsic qualities, each pointing towards the inherent depth and mystery of existence as directly experienced.
1. Radical Presence and Immediacy: True nature is the vibrant presence that is always already here, manifesting as the immediacy of our direct experience. It transcends past and future, inviting us into the fullness of the present moment .


2. Inherent Perfection: The actual condition of reality, or true nature, is intrinsically perfect. This perfection is not a conceptual ideal but an inherent aspect of the actual experience, seen clearly when misconceptions and interpretative layers are set aside .


3. Unbounded Freedom: True nature is fundamentally free, unbounded by any conditions, concepts, or limitations. This freedom is not something to be achieved but is the natural state, recognizable in the direct experience of being .


4. Ineffability and Mystery: The essence of true nature defies conceptualization or description. It is a profound mystery that is experienced directly, beyond the confines of language or thought .


5. Dynamic Unfolding: True nature is not static but is characterized by a continuous, dynamic unfolding. This unfolding is the natural and organic movement of existence, revealing itself anew in each moment .


6. Unity and Non-Duality: True nature reveals the unity of all experience. It transcends the apparent duality of subject and object, seer and seen, illuminating the non-dual nature of reality where distinctions dissolve into the immediacy of presence .


7. Responsive Openness: True nature is inherently open, responsive to the movement of life itself. This quality of openness allows for a living engagement with the world, where reality is free to reveal itself in its myriad forms .


8. Indivisible Wholeness: The true nature of reality is an indivisible wholeness, where all distinctions and separations are seen as conceptual overlays upon the seamless fabric of existence .


9. Intrinsic Value and Beauty: The direct recognition of true nature reveals an intrinsic value and beauty that is not dependent on external attributes or conditions. This beauty is the radiance of presence itself, experienced as the heart of existence.


10. Unconditional Love and Compassion: True nature is the source of unconditional love and compassion, arising naturally from the recognition of oneness with all beings. This love is not a sentiment but a profound understanding of the interconnectedness of all life.


see also blog article: Nondual Qualities as Needs

POINTER: when experiencing the moment directly, explore the nature of your gaze. Can you recognise through the felt sense, any of the above aspects of True Nature. Explore the attitude of your gaze, and play with your power, through softening of focus, to call forth these qualities. Extend, through the felt sense, the sense of your gaze beyond 'looking out of the eyes'.

NATURE AS TEACHER AND ARCHITECT: spend some time in the forest, see where you can, through sensing and feeling into appearances, recognise the characteristics of the radiant parent in your field of experience.


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