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Resting in the gift of the timeless self

Updated: Mar 15

'Bypass and deadlock are partners, Integration has no opposite. In Integration, bypass and deadlock are one'.

Qualities of True Nature rarely come into flow independently, but rather as clusters around a keystone (source experience), these clusters often being mistaken for the 'bypass'.

Often what we name the 'spiritual bypass' is another name for what conventional therapies name 'avoidance' but now from the point of the conceptualiser (playing the witness) wearing the 'enlightened' cape, and hat, and shoes...

We can easily fall into the trap of this labelling as therapists and coaches, as well as from the belief of being 'the more enlightened one' in personal relationships, because we can see the pool of grief or the fires of rage that the so called bypass is dancing around. It is compassion, but it is shining through distortion and splitting all the same.

But this 'bypass' isnt bypassing anything really, nothing can be ...its rather a case of seeing what the medicine is that is arising from that which we name 'avoidance' (bypass) ..because it is medicine, in ourselves and 'the other'.

a release or coming into flow of the exact set of energetic conditions or qualities a person needs as their own specific magic with which to approach the source experience

The alchemy is complex, but the simplicity lies in creating a space of holding and receiving that just keeps raising the canopy and further opening the conduit, so that all apparent resistance is given the greatest loving stage upon which to dance - a stage of not knowing, so that what needs to be known can appear freely.

If the deep dive into grief, for example, is not happening freely, our tools to delve deeper to create big shifts can, and often are, to the detriment of a deeper long lasting integration, as well as to the loving gaze towards simply being human, here and now.

This is vital particularly when in the space of depression which, nine times out of ten, is pouring with complexity.
We're humans and we need time.
The soil is rich, and every seed needs its own set of conditions to thrive.
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