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Integrating into True Nature - Life as Art

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

What is Nondual Integration?

The veil breaking moment is like standing nowhere as one single clear seeing

Its simply the experience of a still/no mind - recognising there is no separate thinker

Its everything, and no-thing

The curtain raised to an experiencing of immense love, connection, and clarity that is always here, to experience when we're not attaching to the conceptual overlays of reality (thoughts) as 'me' and 'not me', self, and other

The one supreme soul, shining, as the singularity.

The curtain eventually closes again, but nothing goes anywhere, you are still that shining one.

The integration work is about merging each pattern, each contraction, and melting this back into flow with source

Following the intelligence taking place as your unraveling towards experiencing your true (embodied) freedom

Each time that something (aspect of self concept) that has been considered 'not me' merges, through the seat of your own beautiful heart, its like stepping onto the other side of the window,

coming up to the surface for air

Relief, freedom, flow, the qualities emerge in their new realm - the realm that is always here and already so

Each time, a new window, through which The Self can shine and express more freely, with less distortion,

A new shade of paint to brush upon the tabula rasa that is your very nature - as your very being

Dancing in the illusion in appreciation instead of resistance

Steady and flowing as the one manifestation, shining and expressing in unity.

Every thought pattern creating the curtain, the tension, is a quality of true nature trying to find its way home.

Nondual Integration is a deep, gentle, and powerful process where you come to know who and what you truly are, and to flow through your body mind freely in a way that not only feels amazing but allows you to access and express the well of well-being and inspiration that is your very nature, naturally and freely bringing forth your essence into the world.

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