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Grief, Preservation, and Joy

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

A CONVERSATION WITH MySelf - Journey of the awakened heart.

The partner of grief is preservation

Joy has no opposite

In joy, preservation and grief are one.

"Grief is always with us. But so is joy. The greatest mistake we make is to assume that if we have one, we can't have the other. Both make up the totality of human experience"

John E. Welshons

Amy: Hi God

God: Hello Amy

Amy: Please may I share my feelings with you?

God: Yes, of course

Amy: Thank you God. I feel sadness, and grief

God: Where do you feel it Amy?

Amy: Its in my belly, my heart, and my cheeks ..(my face ones, just so you know). But, it's all stuck (in my face).

God: OK. Thank you for the clarity. Tell me why.

Amy: Well God, all I seem to want to do is play dizzy ducks, but I can't.

God: why can't you?

Amy: Because, well, because.....I’m 37!!.God?

God: Yes Amy, I’m listening

Amy: it’s not the first time I’ve felt sadness about dizzy ducks

God: tell me when this has happened before

Amy: well, when I was 5 I wanted to play dizzy ducks but I had to go to school. When I was 15 I wanted to play dizzy ducks but I had to do exams. When I was 20 I wanted to play dizzy ducks but I had to go to university....and it’s just gone on and on and on....

(Amy's heart breaks...and she falls into a puddle of her own tears on the floor)

God: OK Amy, thank you for sharing this with me. Now tell me, how do you feel when you play dizzy ducks?

(Amy leaps to her feet)

Amy: Oh God...I feel so much Joy. I just giggle and giggle and giggle. Sometimes I feel a bit sick but if I don’t forget myself I can remember to turn directions every now and then and that seems to fix it. If I’m outside I can spin and look up to the sky...oh it’s so big and so beautiful and so wondrous...I forget myself completely. (She bows her head) Its quite dangerous I suppose.

God: why is it dangerous?

Amy: well, because, I forget myself. How will I get stuff done? This is the problem God. Dizzy ducks don’t get shit done. Oh...please excuse my language God, I got carried away there.

God: That’s ok Amy. It is perfectly wonderful to get carried away. Ok. Now. From what you are telling me, dizzy ducks brings you to joy, and you forget yourself to the sky.

Amy: yes. That’s right.

God: I think playing dizzy ducks is getting a lot more shit done than you’ve been led to believe.

Amy: Really? But what about my purpose?

God: You've known it all along Amy. It’s in the dizzy ducks.

Amy: whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Wait a minute!

God: Yes Amy. I’m still here.

Amy: Dizzy ducks is my purpose?

God: Yes Amy. Dizzy ducks sounds like excellent use of your time. Whatever brings you joy, and especially if you forget yourself. This is your purpose. You have my full permission to play dizzy ducks as often as possible for the rest of your days.

Amy smiles a huge smile

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