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the heart of experiencing

"we cannot afford the still-birth of new ideas that lack the life force that comes from the depths. We are called to return to the root of our being where the sacred is born. Then, standing both the inner and outer worlds, we will find our self to be part of the momentous synchronicity of life giving birth to itself".

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee


                                                                                                                            Life with no centre

"it's so easy to get pulled into the story of making more, attracting more, having more, being more, or different, to what is now...And we believe "Its me making this happen, it's because I did this, this is what matters, and this is me involved here. I'm entangled. I'm achieving, I'm failing, whats next?"...And so this is what we see life as, believing we are a little me at the centre of the show ...this story running through flawed notions that create tricks of the light, hypnotising us into believing that we have even the faintest idea of what is going on here. It makes the world look solid and fixed, when in fact its a dance of waves and spots and swirls and switchboards to infinite's a heartiness, a dynamism that is constantly falling through our handless hand"                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      AMY WARD

Are you tired of trying and want to just stop?

Are you curious about Nonduality and Nondual integration?

Do you want to learn about the power of perception and how to unlock your inspiration & creativity?

Do you struggle in relation to your mental and emotional well-being?

Are you feeling 'stuck','powerless', or lonely?

Are you moving through spiritual awakening?

Do you want to express your seeing and understanding of the self as presence with integrity, wholeness, and freedom?


Simply Sublime
12 phase one-to-one mentoring spiral 

for Beauty, alone

"There's a song that wants to sing itself through you. You just got to be available"

Joanna Macy

Life is doing itself.

I don't know about you, but I don't feel particularly able to do anything from the space of trying or efforting anymore, nor can I delude myself into pretending I know whats going on here, no matter how hard I've tried. Thankfully, I also see deeply that I don't need to have a clue, or to understand, and that the sense of deep peace and freedom that I feel is grounded in this knowing.  There is only this one life being with and as itself, - but being cloaked in the illusion that there is a little me trying to make it in the world (often appearing as trying to save the world) crushed my sense of passion and confused me, wildly, in trying to understand how this 'surviving as a human' and 'making it' was to fit with my deeper seeing of the nature of experience, of life, of reality.  I have since recognised deeply that survival is grounded in eternal being, expressed through this sublime temporary form, and that I have absolutely no need to 'make it'. The job is definitely done. This doesn't mean that doing doesn't happen though. I love free expression. Life wants to serve itself, to itself, and when it sees that it is freely doing so, without obstruction - well, this is rapture in the every day. 

'Love, and do what you want' - Lost in translation.

The coaching industry is largely all about being an individual trying to transform and improve. All focused on outcome and a sense of pushing for reality to behave in the way it is preferred to go. There is little focus on simply being yourself, returning to living from the natural state, and moving as the totality and flow of life. So much of the work just presses further into the experience of delusion, keeping the karmic wheel spinning and feeding activity in thought that is not only unnecessary, but incredibly limiting in how this moment, this life, can be experienced. There is a strong focus on adding more layers of concepts, replacing old illusions for new ones, and constantly shifting energetic states. Presence (all that is) is barely explored or talked about, and when it is - it is a means to an end. This chokes and exhausts us on the surface of life.

Do you recognise a yearning to feel the depth of your being, to flow with life, love, and listening
instead of striving for betterment and improvement?

When this appeared to me everywhere I looked for help - it was so obviously reflecting in myself that deep wounding of trying to survive that was paralyisng me so profoundly - it was just dressing up now in new clothing.  I felt incredibly lonely.  Knowing there was something deep to be expressed through me whilst simultaneously seeing and feeling the futility in pushing for 'transformation', I started to lose more and more of my sense of deep seeing. I was incredibly grateful during this period in my life for the space I shared in nondual mentoring and therapy. There was never a push, and there was an openness and accessibility that allowed me to be with all of my fears without trying to negate or change that which was already changing as part of my own unfolding. There was a trust in life and natural unity, and a commitment to following the inner guru, to listening deeply, and to allowing the flow of love and change whilst getting more and more at home with not knowing, with uncertainty, and with the survival that is inherent to living deeply as here and now. 

Spontaneous action & finding fulfilment exactly where we are

So much of our pushing against life is doership, driven by our survival - 'this moment is not safe' - mode of being. We overdo and effort, expending energy unnecessarily, burning out, or paralysing ourselves in our efforts to not be fully alive in the here and now. The truth is, if there is a true survival/ emergency situation, you will act on this spontaneously in the moment, as is the case with being deeply aligned as presence and the deep intelligent movement of wholeness. Finding fulfilment where you are, with exactly what is, and deeply trusting spontaneous action and the power of attention is a gift that gives infinitely - to ourself, and to the world. A true act of prayer, deep love, and unity, and expression of self-knowledge and wholeness (inherent perfection), its a switch to a completely different kind of fuel - and a truly enlightened way of living and being that in and of itself can both render forth and settle in, deep realisation.

3 Weekend 1 -1 online retreats throughout the year

54 hours of Nondual coaching 

Quality exploration, integration, and expression

Nature as Teacher and Architect

"And hark! how blithe the throstle sings!

He, too, is no mean preacher:

Come forth into the light of things,

Let Nature be your teacher."


Diving in deep, connecting to the inner guru, exploring, expressing, absorbing, and releasing. I will also send you a bespoke retreat box for each of our weekend meetups.

Playing the long game allows us to really meet life at the interface of the here and now, rest in timelessness and listen deeply to what wants to come forth as well as experience the self as awareness, and explore the power of attention and perception in creating appearances. There is no rush. We are life, playing. We know there is nowhere to go.

We will explore the qualities that feel most resonant for you, deepen into the knowing, seeing, and being of these qualities so that you have an embodied open transmission that is resonant with your perfect unfolding and those that are in your field of experience.

The natural world emanates a stunning reflection of the nature of experience - the expression of miraculous diversity in the context of deep equanimity, the interconnectedness of all things, and the natural convergence of being and doing as this spontaneous arising. We will decondition from the patterns of thought, feeling, and behaviour that is born out of a transmission of an industrial growth culture, and support anchoring into the depth of the here and now through neuronal repatterning and quality integration with the natural world as teacher and architect.

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