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Therapeutic Safety and reshaping the experience of the bodymind – YOU are the constant and the agent of change

Updated: Apr 27

The convergence of spirituality and science is a powerful movement which can, when applied within trusting and professional settings, align with the natural and organic movement towards wholeness and well-being for the individual and the collective. Indeed, power is the operative word here, as we become increasingly clearer across spiritual, psychological, and therapeutic communities, in recognising the inherent power of awareness as the quantum field – and infinite possibility as the very nature of this.

However, there is also an incredible potential for the abuse of power and authority, personal and collective agenda, as we learn, largely through developing our understanding in the field of quantum physics,

the role of attention and observation in shaping our experience of reality, and that of the apparent ‘other’.

Power relations within therapeutic dyads and group settings is a topic widely recognised as an incredibly important aspect of any professional training, and with good reason. Should the power imbalance within therapeutic, mentoring, or coaching spaces not be carefully and safely shaped and navigated, there is an increasing potentiality for possible harm within the relational experience. 

There is also, paradoxically, an increasing level of safety within the therapeutic dyad, when this recognition is navigated and applied ethically, as there is the opportunity for the therapist to step out of their own apparent limitations, biases, and sense of separation and into the unconditioned space of awareness, where there is not a need to repress any experience but rather all experience can flow through the field.

In this sense, the healing space, beyond the necessary therapeutic relationship parameters (architecture) in place to provide a safe, healthy, and grounded container, both therapist and client are in complete equanimity and resourcing healing to the benefit of both - the whole. This is a movement of great compassion, humility and deep trust in the therapeutic space and the deeper intelligence at work within YOU - which in and of itself has the power to shift your experience of well being.

It is now more important than ever to be transparent and aware as we further realise that awareness, the very nature of our gaze, the opening of pathways within the experience of the bodymind as consciousness flows, and the related energetic change in patterns of thought and feeling, is the greatest and deepest technology for change in healing and wellbeing within the context of recognising consciousness as universal to all of life. This is incredibly exciting and inspiring, as we collectively explore and embody The Self more freely through pathways of wholeness.

More writing on this is on its way, however for this post, I am focusing on some clear pointers, from my perspective and experience, to support individuals who are exploring their experience and seeking support and guidance in the vast sea of amazing beings doing amazing things with their gifts, realisations, in recognition of our inherent power to heal ourselves.

Amongst this, in the world of business and the freedom to express our knowledge and skills openly, I see contractions/distortions in patterns of thought and relating in conditioned consciousness (the self-confirming mode), largely in relation to 'selling' and marketing.


For the following, I am purposefully utilising the word ‘god' as reality – this is a word that is interchangeable with:

‘all of life’, ‘reality’, ‘the divine’, ‘consciousness’, ‘awareness’, ‘attention’, ‘the absolute’, ‘the quantum’, ‘brahman’. ‘love’, ‘pure consciousness’, ‘the unamanifest’, ‘spirit’, 'silence & stillness', 'creator', 'true nature', 'everything'

I use ‘God’ intentionally here to highlight the power of words and energetics within cultural, societal and spiritual frameworks.

Fundamental Understandings

  • no-one can bring god into the therapeutic space or be a person upon which your access to god is dependent. God/reality is always in the space, as the space, god is everywhere, always, as your very awareness and all that is present within it/you. (see blog article: The Highest Prayer)

  • The experience of awareness as god can be pointed to by a practitioner, mentor, or coach – this is done truthfully and ethically by pointing you to explore the nature of yourself, your being.

  • No practitioner has access to, or the ability to ‘bring’ god anywhere anymore than you do. Ever.

  • no-one is an embodiment of god more than anyone else.

  • god is not outside of you – god is you.

  • god is 'awareness', channeled and focused through attention, manifesting as the appearance of the present moment and the flow of experiencing through the perceptual architecture of the finite/bodymind. (see blog post: Bodymind Everywhere).

  • Your practitioner can support as an anchor in pointing you toward yourself and your own nature as omnipresent being. They cannot bring god to you. You are already that.

  • If there is a sense of any kind of power imbalance in this sense, at the very least I would suggest that this is discussed with your practitioner and explored. You are also always free to walk away.

  • If you want to walk away but don’t feel free to (outwardly or inwardly), you have the option of booking a session with a different therapist to explore your experience and receive support in disentangling.

(see blog posts: 'The nature of awareness and attention: Exploring the sense 'I Am'; 'Expressing and alchemising in the convergence of the "I don't Care" and "what the fuck?" space; 'Finding a space of Authority in the energetic experiencing of 'The Head'; 'Coming into the heart of nuance: This is infinity'

Possible experiences to be aware of and safety pointers:

  • Sudden energetic shifts on coaching calls, particularly discovery calls that leave you feeling ‘loved up’ or ‘really light and free’. Don’t make decisions in this state. Enjoy the feeling and know that it is being generated by YOU. Learn from it to explore your own power. Definitely do not agree to paying large sums of money or signing coaching contracts. (See blog post: 'You are the source of love and all that arises from it')

  • Feelings and beliefs of fear surrounding your need to 'do the programme or work with the therapist or coach in the name of 'survival' or 'not living your truth', or 'not ascending', or 'completing your mission' etc. etc.

  • Take time after initial calls with therapists and coaches to feel into your intuition and personal decision making

  • Discuss your decision with others. If you feel fear of doing this, ask yourself why. You can also arrange a session with an independent mentor or advocate to explore your options. (See blog post: Beyond right and wrong there is a field.....')

  • See coaches and therapists that are transparent about their pricing in their marketing and prior to discovery and recruitment calls. If pricing isn’t being advertised – ask the question 'why?'. (See blog post: 'Sacred Safety and the transparent self expressed in the play of appearances' and 'Authenticity Gate').

  • Meet with multiple coaches to make decisions about who to work with.

  • We might be finding it difficult to feel into our own internal compass if we are in a state of distress. Ask for help from a friend, family member, or independent advocate. It can be really helpful to have someone join you for initial sessions too. This should be an option that is available to you. If you want to be able to do this but the coach or therapist says no - they're not for you. (see blog posts 'The Resolution is in the Unresolvibility' and 'Embracing the nature of your timeless self')

  • Explore alternative free materials and free options.  Committed practitioners will be working to build a content base and offers at a range of price points so that you can come to know them from a safe distance to feel into whether you are a good fit. There is loads of brilliant free content to play with.  Enjoy yourself and receive freely and cheaply without obligation. (see blog post: My fave free stuff)

  • Notice how you are feeling in the upcoming days and weeks following your initial calls with a practitioner. Do you feel more centred or is your energy feeling more chaotic? (see blog post: Spiritual Emergency - grounding and seeking support in the context of Sacred Safety)

  • Sudden energetic shifts can happen naturally, organically, and unintentionally within therapeutic and coaching spaces. It doesn’t necessarily mean that this was ‘done to you’.

  • The amount of money you pay for coaching or therapy IS NOT equal to your potential for ‘transformation’, healing, and well-being, unless you believe it to be so. The self-confirming principle of the way in which reality engages with itself into manifest form is very much alive in the coaching field with this belief. Your very own awareness and attention is the power, is boundless and totally free of charge. Your love for freedom and truth, wellbeing, and wholeness are all extremely powerful energetic 'currency' that is again, generated by you, boundlessly abundant, and totally free of charge. (See blog post: Realisation, transformation, actualisation: how the self-confirming principle is enlivened in current 'abundance' rhetoric)

"When a pattern (of thought/belief/measurement) is in play through the self-confirming mode within which reality engages with itself it cannot fail on its own terms. It will eventually implode though, just like stars and all systems do - or just suddenly disappear when you look and see as the unconditioned observer (unbound) that it is not actually there. you can also make up your own for transformative power, free of charge"

Amy Ward

  • The amount of money you spend on your coaching or therapy has NOTHING to do with your self-worth. Absolutely nothing. Your value as a stunning expression of life is unconditional, whether it is felt by you in this moment or not. (See blog post: Nondual Value and the core wound of unworthiness in western culture: exacerbating in new age spiritual materialism)

  • ‘The Universe’ is not going to make it more difficult for you ‘next time around’ because you didn’t take the opportunity that you are walking away from. This is nonsense (but it can appear this way if you believe it and project it into 'the future' through interpreting reality through a now created cognitive bias). The truth is – it’s probably going to show you an option that is a lot more easy on the cash flow – YOU are the universe, this is your dominion. Get clear on your needs, financially as well as other needs for doing the work - feel the space inside you and what it feels like to have these needs met. The universe is you - so you'll rock up with the right solution in the right time. This is a very friendly and loving universe. Be that. There's no rush. (See blog post: 'Stop trying to crack The Matrix - You are The Creatrix'; You are constantly new, fresh, and free, exactly as you are now: embracing the timeless and the fallacy of the needing to 'process everything' AND 'The Universe is Open Source Code')

  • Watch out for FOMO (fear of missing out) with ‘limited time offers’. Very good chance the offer will come around again and there are loads of therapists, coaches, and healers to choose from anyway. The market is saturated. (see blog post 'Is your decision making coming from lack?: Spiritual materialism, the quest for prosperity and the FREE revealing of abundance).

  • Question when you are told ‘the way it is’ or 'the way things are'. The whole discovery of quantum mechanics and awareness as The Self is that it is freedom in form and that YOU choose the way that it is and apply your own way and meaning to the field of experiencing. 'Everyone else' does too - but you are only choosing from The Self as awareness - we cannot choose if we believe we are already limited to the pattern. You are already free, by your very nature. (see blog post 'Already free: You are not the pattern, you are that which knows it' AND 'The Universe is Open Source Code')

  • See also: Distortions in the use of therapeutic exclusion criteria in the transformation coaching industry (lets not hand everything over to the bots)

Your 'no' is not a wound - it is your truth. You are an open field of intelligence with an individual,

ever changing expression that does not need to be fixed, changed, or kept the same.

Healing, coaching, and therapy should not be making you financially or energetically broke. We can become energetically destabilised as part of our healing process – a professional and ethical coach or therapist will, in these instances, be creating accessibility to further additional support and resources so that you can be supported in this as well as using careful and considered movements within the therapeutic space to ground your energy and empower you to take care of yourself.

You are the way.

You are that.

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