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Nondual Therapy - Unconditional Belonging and Sacred Safety

"You don't have to change anybody, you just have to love them"

                                 NEEM KAROLI BABA

When we don't try to fix, change, or teach around expression and experience, but simply rest in the unconditional sacred safety of now, together - a new kind of magic unfolds.

Beyond the duality of acceptance and rejection - the quality of Belonging blossoms as it is recognised.

When the body/mind receives this, we see the effortless and spontaneous change that is already arising as the wholeness of the moment taking place, which might appear to be 'in time' across 'multiple moments'.

It may only be on reflection that we notice the one great unfolding of a particular quality/wave/frequency taking place - as a core human need that has been appearing in the time bound world as unmet, appears in the Self, as the timeless now, as its mother/father frequency.

We show the thought forms expressing as feelings and sensations screaming for home, the womb that they never left

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