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Lola the Mouse, the moon, and the dark - Discovering the navigating light within

In a quiet corner of an old, bustling city, beneath the cobbled streets and the shadows of towering buildings, there lived a small mouse named Lola. Lola, with her sleek grey fur and bright, curious eyes, was a creature of the night, drawn to the silvery glow of the moon that spilled into the dark alleyways of her world.


Each night, as the city fell into slumber and the darkness deepened, Lola would emerge from her humble nook in the walls. She was enchanted by the moon, its radiance a constant companion in her nightly forays. It was as if the moon, hanging solitary in the sky, understood the solitude and beauty of her nocturnal existence.


Lola’s life was one of quiet adventure and simple joys – the discovery of a forgotten breadcrumb, the weaving through secret paths known only to those who tread in the shadows. Yet, there was an inherent loneliness in her world of darkness, a sense that she was but a small, fleeting presence in the vastness of the city.


One particularly clear night, as Lola gazed up at the moon, she felt a deep connection to its luminous presence. She realized that, like the moon, there was a gentle radiance within her, a subtle light that shone in the heart of the darkness. Inspired by this revelation, Lola began to see her nightly explorations in a new light. The dark was no longer a veil of solitude, but a canvas on which the light within her could dance and play.

Each night, as Lola explored her world, she began to notice the beauty in the small things – the way the moonlight shimmered on a puddle, the silhouette of leaves against the night sky, the gentle hum of the city at rest. She understood that even in the darkest corners, there was beauty and light, an inherent perfection in the imperfection of the world.


Lola’s journey became one of discovery, not just of the world around her but of the radiance and presence within her. She learned that darkness and light were not adversaries but partners in the dance of existence, each bringing out the beauty of the other.


The story of Lola, the moon, and the darkness is a tale of finding light in unexpected places. It reminds us that within each of us is a radiant presence, a light that shines even in the darkest moments. Lola’s journey is a testament to the inherent experiential nature of life, where the darkness is not something to be feared but a backdrop that makes our inner light all the more profound.


In Lola's adventures beneath the moonlit sky, we find a reflection of our own journey through life – a journey where the presence of our inner light (our sadguru) guides us through the darkness, revealing the inherent beauty of the world we navigate. Lola's story is an invitation to embrace our our simple presence of being, to see the luminous in the mundane, and to dance in the beautiful interplay of light and darkness.

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