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      I am, flowing through myself, I am.     


Self-recognition, as the naturalness, wholeness and home you never left


"There is in the body, a current of energy, affection and intelligence, which guides, maintains and energizes the body. Discover that current and stay with it" 


  Presence as the Radiant Parent


You are here.​

Your experience exists.

​You know your experience.​

Your experience never goes anywhere.​

This is Belonging.

This is Sacred Safety.

There are many reasons why we turn to exploring the big existential questions through the apparent course of life. Maybe its an impulse towards truth, freedom, and wholeness that we recognise. For many of us, the movement towards the deep exploration into the nature of existence and our own identity is driven by the recognition that, no matter what we are experiencing in the ‘outside world’, internally we are feeling a sense of disconnection, a lack of fulfillment, fear, and ultimately an incredibly painful sense of separation that cannot be satiated through doership, relationships, sensations, and ‘things’.  We are no longer able to ignore the background angst.

Despite the incredible level of discomfort experienced when we surrender to this, it is in fact the doorway to our deepest sense of all that we have been seeking. The core sense of separation is beginning to become the foreground of our experience, working as a director for the mind to explore the nature of itself.
Every experience of suffering is a calling for the mind to explore the deeper truth of who and what we really are. To recognise the essential, unmoving ground of life as it engages deeply and effortlessly with this ever changing, continuously flowing, fabric of experiencing. As this is noticed, the natural state,  a wellspring of connection, freedom, peace, clarity, bliss, and vitality is noticed, along with an immense inspiration and creative potential, as mind is freed from the grips of our personal story and world of concepts.

Together, we can follow it home.

Nonduality is the recognition that the fundamental identity is the awareness from which, within which, and to which all experience appears. It is a deep recognition of  interconnectedness. Beyond philosophy, models, and theories, nonduality points us to what is true, actual, and experienced directly as presence.

Healing through pathways of consciousness,


in space,




and form

While resting as the fundamental ground of being.

The source of life.

We are always integrating the qualities of True Nature, such as love, connection, truth, power, and bliss, through experiencing, confirming, and revealing. In the nondual therapy space,  we follow this deeply organic movement of healing and flow towards the recognition of the wholeness inherent in our field of experiencing.  This is the natural flow towards truth and well-being that is already here as a movement of freedom in form (consciousness). In the therapeutic space reality is expressing as reality is listening, dancing simultaneously and opening the field of infinite possibilities. The movement of healing, awakening, and integration is in resourcing the qualities of the Self and following the inner guru, as we ground in the recognition that consciousness is 'all that is'.

No outside system – you are the system.

Waking up from the illusion of separation


Spiritual Emergency 


Navigate spiritual awakening, existential crisis, and 'The Dark Night of the Soul'

"Thank you for sharing the beauty of Nondual Therapy and exploring the I Am with me. I am connecting and experiencing deeper awareness, loving consciousness, more clarity, and inner peace. It's been quite blissful! I am still learning how to express this knowing with clarity, but the awareness, expansion, and deep knowing has shifted my perspective and this is life changing! Thank you for guiding me home, to True Nature. I feel so much gratitude for the blessing you have brought me.
Thank you."

1-1 Nondual Therapy



Exploring experience from the ground of being as the qualities of True Nature/The Self

Nondual Mentoring & integration


Supporting you to integrate Nondual seeing and/or spiritual awakening as a grounded, embodied human, being - or to begin to explore your True Nature and inquire into The Self.


 Nondual Exploration Intensive

Mini online retreat with Amy - spend three days exploring who and what you are. Through pointing to True Nature and exploring key patterns of the built world in mind - bringing this to your own unique sense of meaning through the human experience.

"My desire is that you may recognise solace, healing, and the profound realization that love is the essence of your True Nature"  

Interviews & Podcasts

Coming back into life - The Nonduality Podcast

Spirituality in Psychotherapy - The World Council for Health

 free online zoom meetup 

Let's engage as reality, together

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Light Touch Integration
12 phase one-to-one mentoring spiral
 for Beauty, alone

"There's a song that wants to sing itself through you. You just got to be available"

Joanna Macy

Light Touch Integration.png

"we cannot afford the still-birth of new ideas that lack the life force that comes from the depths. We are called to return to the root of our being where the sacred is born. Then, standing both the inner and outer worlds, we will find our self to be part of the momentous synchronicity of life giving birth to itself".

Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Do you have a love for the natural world?

Are you tired of trying and want to just stop?

Are you curious about Nonduality and Nondual integration?

Do you want to learn about the power of perception and how to unlock your inspiration & creativity?

Do you struggle in relation to your mental and emotional well-being?

Are you feeling 'stuck','powerless', or lonely?

Are you moving through spiritual awakening?

Do you want to express your seeing and understanding of the self as presence with integrity, wholeness, and freedom?

Prices range from £500 - £5500 - depending on your needs, financial situation, and level of 1-1 support received
Nondual Therapy & Mentoring
In Nondual Therapy, we inquire into your experience in a way that helps you to recognise the natural release and soothing of the heavy charge that lies within the energetic experience of anguish, distress and overall suffering of the psyche (this experience is commonly named 'the ego'). We do this together very naturally without any pressure or expectation to fix or change experience, supporting you to recognise the open space within which all experience is already changing. This open space is your True Nature, the clean and clear awareness that is always here but becomes apparently clouded over by the concepts and ideas of who and what we are, and what the world is, based on our experiences of the past. This 'space' unfreezes 'stuck' emotions as well as unraveling and deconstructing the beliefs and stories that have built up over time that serve to perpetuate and feed cycles of suffering. We are following a deep intelligence and organic movement of healing that is always here for us.  This process also naturally unravels the personal idea of 'the small self' allowing for an experience of greater freedom , flow, peace, and vitality as the True Self is revealed.

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