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Self-recognition, as the naturalness, wholeness and home you never left

Every experience of suffering is a calling for the mind to explore the deeper truth of who and what we really are. To recognise the essential, unmoving ground of life as it engages deeply and effortlessly with this ever changing, continuously flowing, fabric of experiencing. As this is noticed, the natural state,  a wellspring of connection, freedom, peace, clarity, bliss, and vitality is noticed, along with an immense inspiration and creative potential, as mind is freed from the grips of our personal story and world of concepts.

Together, we can follow it home.

Nonduality is the recognition that there is no fundamental separation between you and the world, between "self" and "other." It is a profound recognition of  interconnectedness, as our True Nature is discovered as the awareness from which, within which, and to which, all experience appears. Beyond philosophy, models, and theories, nonduality points us to what is true, actual, and experienced directly as presence.


Amy works from this recognition in experiencing and exploring together to:


Release emotional pain and suffering (trauma/disconnection)

Navigate life transitions with clarity and grace

Explore relationships

Experience grief and loss

Cultivate self-compassion and self-acceptance

 Explore the nature of consciousness and reality

 Find meaning and purpose in your life

 Integrate spiritual & psychedelic experiences


Navigate spiritual awakening, existential crisis, and 'The Dark Night of the Soul'


1-1 Nondual Therapy



Exploring experience from the ground of being as the qualities of True Nature/The Self

Nondual Mentoring & integration


Supporting you to integrate Nondual seeing and/or spiritual awakening as a grounded, embodied human, being - or to begin to explore your True Nature and inquire into The Self.


 Nondual Exploration Intensive

Mini online retreat with Amy - spend three days exploring who and what you are. Through pointing to True Nature and exploring key patterns of the built world in mind - bringing this to your own unique sense of meaning through the human experience.

"My desire is that you may recognise solace, healing, and the profound realization that love is the essence of your True Nature"  


"Thank you for sharing the beauty of Nondual Therapy and exploring the I Am with me. I am connecting and experiencing deeper awareness, loving consciousness, more clarity, and inner peace. It's been quite blissful! I am still learning how to express this knowing with clarity, but the awareness, expansion, and deep knowing has shifted my perspective and this is life changing! Thank you for guiding me home, to True Nature. I feel so much gratitude for the blessing you have brought me. Thank you."

"Amy just supports me to live and exist more peacefully. When I say peace, I mean peace with all things and all being welcome. When the people I know how much I've struggled hear I'm working with someone who is supporting me to exist peacefully nothing else is required, they trust you and your care"
"I have learned that my heart space feels amazing, and unlearned what I thought it felt like. I felt serene and safe and I knew that by accessing this part of myself I will be able to live a more true life"

"I think I knew this all 'in theory' but I had never really experienced it. The revelation is that love is an all encompassing experience that anyone can actually get to.  I need to live from my heart, for myself and the world"

"you just had this presence about you that even though we were sharing words I slowly became aware of this overpowering feeling of connection and presence. I have had that sort of experience before but something was really unique in our experience. The session was everything one could ask for in being supported through heavy stuff and I'm really grateful"
"thank you so much, you have helped me a lot. You are an amazing teacher"
"Thank you, for the awakening of the sense of gratitude, awareness, and clarity that I have felt since the moment I left the retreat"

"opening up isn't easy for me, I feel like I've lost my way, but in that moment I had a glimpse of something far greater than me"

​​"I've just had my first session with Amy and my mind was taken to such profound places. I recognise that there is a lot of pain inside and a lot of healing to be done...and to be able to do this in such a spiritual way, I felt all this freedom and space open up in my mind"

"it has helped me very much knowing that you are not trying to force me to be a cog in the machine. Other mental health professionals that I have worked with in the past have made it feels as thought the goals is for me to be a "functional member of society" and to fulfil the needs of others rather than addressing my core needs. So therapists/counsellors would push to get me back to "normal" as fast as possible, sticking a plaster over the wounds rather than healing. I've found with you what has made me feel safest is you haven't pushed me in any direction, there's never been a sense of you having an agenda"

"In the past I have found that most therapeutic work is focused on "techniques" that seem to push away emotions and make me function, when what I have needed is to go deeper and heal the core"

"I really felt held in our session, I felt so comfortable and so safe with everything that I just wanted to share more and more. And when the emotions got really heavy I got the sense that you understood exactly what I needed in that moment. No words, no verbal reassurance, just being present and seeing me as I expressed some deep deep pain. It meant a lot to me that you just let me feel what I felt without saying anything. I just wanted to be seen"

 online zoom meetup 

Let's engage as reality, together

£12 per two hour session - come when you wish
Nondual Therapy & Mentoring
In Nondual Therapy, we inquire into your experience in a way that helps you to recognise the natural release and soothing of the heavy charge that lies within the energetic experience of anguish, distress and overall suffering of the psyche (this experience is commonly named 'the ego'). We do this together very naturally without any pressure or expectation to fix or change experience, supporting you to recognise the open space within which all experience is already changing. This open space is your True Nature, the clean and clear awareness that is always here but becomes apparently clouded over by the concepts and ideas of who and what we are, and what the world is, based on our experiences of the past. This 'space' unfreezes 'stuck' emotions as well as unraveling and deconstructing the beliefs and stories that have built up over time that serve to perpetuate and feed cycles of suffering. We are following a deep intelligence and organic movement of healing that is always here for us.  This process also naturally unravels the personal idea of 'the small self' allowing for an experience of greater freedom , flow, peace, and vitality as the True Self is revealed.

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